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Papers and References

We are always interested in new papers and references for this list. Please email me with your paper and I'll be happy to include it here.

Cam Grant
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Surgical Methods:
Adams, N. S., D. W. Rondorf, S. D. Evans, and J. E. Kelly. 1998. Effects of surgically and gastrically implated radio transmitters on growth and feeding behavior of juvenile chinook salmon. Transaction of the American Fisheries Society 127:128-136.

Radio Tags:
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PIT Tags:
Camper, J. D., and J. R. Dixon. 1988. Evaluation of a microchip marking system for amphibians and reptiles. Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept., Res Publ.

Studies Involving Snakes:
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Studies Involving Fish:
Hedgepeth, J., D. Fuhrman and W. Acker. 1999. Fish behavior measured by a tracking radar-type acoustic transducer near hydroelectric dams. Pages 155-171 in M. Odeh, editor. Innovations in Fish Passage Technology. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda MD.

Other references can be found here:

Studies Involving Wildlife:
Guetterman, J. H., J. A. Burns, J. A. Reid, R. B. Horn, and C. C. Foster. 1991. Radiotelemetry methods for studying spotted owls in the Pacific Northwest. USDA For. Serv. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-772.

de Solla SR, Bonduriansky, R, and Brooks RJ. 1999. Eliminating autocorrelation reduces biological relevance of home range estimates. Journal of Animal Ecology. 68:221-234.

Telemetry and GIS:
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